Monday, September 23, 2013

Google Places for Business: Everything you need to know about Google Places for Business

Do you want to get your business on Google? We know, Your answer will be yes. You can list your business on Google with Google places for business. This will enable you to show up your business across the web. Your business will get appear on Google search, maps, Google plus and mobile devices with help of Google places for business.

Business listing on Google places is general term for SEO firms. Honestly, business listing on Google places is really easy and may take 5 minutes to make it happen. Because, It's quite easy and free. You can simply Sign Up for Google account, Sign In to your Google account and verify your business.

You can give very accurate information about your business to your customers regarding contact information, working hours, offers, additional attributes and many more. You will able to gather customer feedback, reviews and questions. And, You can respond them back as a business owner.

Here, I would like to share each and everything about Google places for business. This is not one time post. I am quite excited to edit this blog post by specific time frame. I am going to cover too many topics which includes How to list your business on Google places, dashboard management, offers management, review management and How can you generate maximum visits to your website via Google local search.

How to claim your business on Google places?

Step 1: Now, We will start to claim your business and list on Google places. But, I recommend to read Policies & Principles for Google places before quick start on it.

 Step 2: You have to click on Sign In click which is available on Right Top corner. If you have Google account so you can enter username and password and reach to following page. If you don't have Google account so you can simply Sign Up new Google account and continue with it.

Get Your Business on Google

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